Option I: Coming from Delhi on the highway:

Once on the highway after the domestic airport crossing, you will see a flyover just before the Mahipalpur crossing. There is the first flyover once you are on the straight part of the highway – this is after the one at the crossing of the domestic airport. Take the road under the flyover – don’t go over it. Keep going till you cross the Mahipalpur crossing and Radisson Hotel. Just where the flyover ends, you enter a service lane.

Once on the service lane, keep going till you cross the Shivji Murti and a IBP petrol pump. A few metres after this is a left turn to Westend Greens Farms. After the turn, you will see a fork: Take the right one as the left one is for trucks. You will come to a barrier. Turn left from here and go about 2.2. km on a road full of turns till you come to Farm No. 31.

Option II: Coming from Delhi from Vasant Kunj:

Turn left at the Mahipalpur crossing on to the highway. You will be on a parallel road under the flyover. Keep going straight keeping to the left. Just where the flyover ends, you enter the service lane as in Option I and follow rest of the instructions given there.

Option III: Coming from Gurgaon:

Once you are on the highway, cross the border, go over the Rajokri flyover. Keep to the left when approaching the next flyover. This is the one at Mahipalpur (exit 21). Take a U-turn from under it at and then follow instructions in Option II above.

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